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What schools and organizations have said

"As an educator, my hope is students experience situations that help them develop in many ways. Being in nature together is the perfect opportunity to build upon their curiosity, resilience, initiative, balance, integrity, collaboration and empathy. Landon and his team at Western Educational Adventures did a fantastic job of organizing and running our "Outdoor Day" with Grade 6 and Grade 7 students. Our students were engaged and appropriately challenged throughout the day as they learned to work and play together. Both parent and student feedback was overwhelmingly positive and I do not hesitate to recommend Landon and his team to other school groups. "

-Zyoji Jackson
Outdoor Education Coordinator
St. Michaels University School

"The program provided by Western Educational Adventures was organized, engaging and so much fun. The students connected well with the instructors and thoroughly enjoyed the program."

-Elizabeth Champagne
Outdoor Education Coordinator
Selkirk Montessori

"I have to say that working with Landon in Sooke, BC was a treat. Landon’s enthusiastic approach and detail oriented thinking made our two-day repair session run smooth. His competent skills and mature manner is something that all young paddlers can look up to. I highly recommend Landon to anyone in the Victoria area that is planning a paddle oriented outing on the water."

-Robin Thacker
CEO of Atlantis Kayaks, Inc.

What parents have said

"Excellent program. My son is an active 10 year old with more energy than I know what to do with. He came home exhausted but happy and is looking forward to this summer!"

-Stacey Reay

"My 6yr old son had a wonderful time at WEA’s summer day camp! The staff are amazing and supportive, very responsive to camper needs and dynamics. The week’s activities include incredible diversity, flexibility, skill building and fun adventures ensuring the kids are engaged, learning outdoor education, building self confidence and physical/emotional strength. WEA staff were also great at accommodating my son’s dietary needs for the overnight camp, making our family comfortable and relaxed for his first night away. Can’t wait for camp next year!!"

-Gypsy Fisher

"My son attended a spring break program last year...... one of the best experiences he’s ever had. I recommend any of the programs offered wholeheartedly."

-Janine Tiller

"Landon had arranged a tour of Vancouver Island for our family including various hiking, kayaking and camping trips. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. Landon not only ensured that we were safe and comfortable but went the extra mile to engage all of us with the biology and natural surroundings of the various ecosystems we encountered. Our children were thrilled with the adventure."

-Carole and Alex Damnjanovic

"My kids had an excellent spring ski camp with Landon. He created a plan, coordinated with the resort, and gave us lots of feedback. His technical knowledge, energy and sense of fun worked really well with the kids."

-Mark Boonstra

"Landon was originally hired to be a nanny of sorts to my 2 boys. They have done many activities together and he has always encouraged them to be more helpful and self sufficient. They enjoy spending time with Landon and now consider him a friend. He is very responsible, trustworthy, mature and eager to teach the kids in whatever capacity he can! I look forward to sending my kids to Western Educational Adventures!"

-Cindy Todd

What participants have said

"I am an 11 year old girl who attended camp last summer. I learned how to start a fire with just a match and what I could find on the forest floor, I improved my archery skills and I experienced canoeing for the first time. We helped cook and set up shelter. Landon was very funny and nice. He made me feel welcome. It was super duper fun."

-Ciana, currently age 11

"Landon was my camp counsellor for a ten day kayaking trip with Outward Bound during July of 2016. His professionalism and caring personality never failed to create a fair and inclusive environment. Landon’s sense of humour and enthusiasm made even seemingly miserable and rainy days a blast. He took the time to get to know each of us as individuals and ensured we were having an enjoyable time. Landon’s knowledge and energy fostered in me a greater interest for the outdoors. As a leader he had a unique style that brought out the leadership qualities in each of us. He encouraged a deep collaboration among our team members, while also creating many opportunities for us to develop our own leadership skills. He fostered an atmosphere where we were able to appreciate the environment around us, but he also pointed out unique attributes we otherwise would not have known. Landon was an outstanding instructor, facilitator, and motivator of our growth and development as outdoors people. I remain grateful for all his mentorship throughout our trip, and I am still reaping the benefits of his guidance and coaching today. I cannot imagine a more fulfilling experience."

-Stephanie De Maio, currently age 18

"I have known Landon for over five years. In that time he has been a great mentor and a friend. My experience in outdoor education with him involves a kayaking trip through the Broughton Archipelago and canoe trip around the Sayward circuit. Landon has proven himself as an outstanding guide and an even better mentor. His commitment and effort to his work reflect the passion he has for outdoor education. If it hadn't of been for Landon, I might never have found my love for the outdoors. "

-Dylan Hollingsworth

"Landon has provided me with multiple amazing trips around Vancouver Island. He never fails to deliver a memorable experience. Landon provides professional and accommodating attitude that Let's you know you are in good hands while also going the extra mile to develop relationships with clients and teach them about natural history and local wildlife. I highly recommend Western Educational Adventures to anyone in search of an unforgettable experience in the outdoors."

-Graeme Broe

"Landon was an incredible guide and made me feel not only completely comfortable with the outdoors but created an amazing learning environment. He encouraged the development of curiosity for the outdoors by being able to answer a mirage of questions, as well as pondering some of his own. He created such a safe and secure environment in which I was able to enjoy the experience to the fullest."

-Sarah Ehman

"Landon was a caring and outgoing outdoor leader. Even as a young participant, he recognized me, knew my name, and made sure I was having an enjoyable time in the outdoors. This made me feel welcomed, safe, and ready to engage in a potentially challenging environment. When I was a young adult, I had the opportunity to work beside Landon in an outdoor setting. He was a great role model and I learnt many hard and soft skills, such as navigation using a compass and dealing with challenging behavior, that ultimately shaped and improved my leading style. Landon has incredible patience with all ages and was a positive impact on my outdoor experiences."

-Paul Grieve

"All my experiences with Landon have been positive. I have learned lots and have had some of the best experiences of my life with him. If I have had any questions about first-aid, hiking, kayaking, or navigation he has always had an answer. When I have had a problem, Landon is there to help and is willing to go above and beyond to help resolve my issue."

-Thomas Fanthorpe

"Landon is a one-of-a-kind leader. The kind you’ll remember for the rest of your life. His genuine care for others and positive energy always kept the group lively and ready to approach new challenges with enthusiasm during our program. He truly empowered every one of us to make the most of our experience. I couldn’t recommend him enough."

-Emile Patry

"Landon led an 11 day kayak trip I was on. Landon was great because he always had the experience of his clients in mind. He encouraged us to work hard and step out of our comfort zone, and made sure we got the most of our experiences. "

-Hannah Streight

"Landon was my first outdoor leader I ever had, and he was an invaluable asset in me finding my love for outdoor adventure. He was fun, altruistic, and educational throughout. A few years later, Landon became one of my mentors in outdoor leadership, who taught me countless lessons in child supervision, and how to foster an interpersonal relationship with every participant. Not only was he a deeply caring and thoughtful person to work with, he also had great insight into the nature of a child’s stress or concern with outdoor adventuring (and knew exactly how to ease their anxiety). I would highly recommend him as a guide on any outdoor trip! "

-Douglas Peerless

"I will always remember Landon for going above and beyond and connecting with each and every one of us. By the end of my time at camp, I thought of him as a friend, rather than just my camp counsellor. His knowledge of the outdoors paired with his genuine friendliness and fun personality enhanced my camp experience."

-Terahn Harrison

"Landon was my leader on the West Coast Trail, he always had a great way teaching us so much about the nature around us while keeping a smile on our faces with some quality humour."

-Talyn Todd-Salez