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Outdoor Private Swimming Lessons

Many Victoria BC locals swim in lakes and other waterways during the summer - so why are all the private swimming lessons in Victoria BC only run in community pools? WEA's swimming lessons run in various lakes throughout the Greater Victoria area, other Vancouver Island locations or in your own private pool. Most importantly, our private swimming lessons are tailored to fit into your schedule - you don't have to modify your day to fit in our swimming lessons! Western Educational Adventures Inc. offers private, Red Cross swimming lessons in Greater Victoria and the South Island for all ages and abilities.


private red cross childrens swimming lessons
Victoria BC private swimming lessons
Vancouver Island private swimming lessons

Superior outdoor / private swimming lessons!

Victoria, BC

Why Us?

  • • Small group sizes
  • • Sanctioned Red Cross Lessons
  • • The best instructors available
  • • Flexible schedule and locations
  • • Customized curriculums
  • • No hassle customer service
  • • Simple registration process
  • • Consistent instructor
  • • Instruction from beginner to lifesaving
  • • Rates competitive to aquatic facilities

Where do we do lessons?

  • • Summer lessons in private & public lakes & pools
  • • Fall/winter/spring lessons in your pool at home


1 $36 Tax Incl.
2 $40 Tax Incl.
3 $44 Tax Incl.

***Please note that we may require minimum bookings of 1 hour.***


Option Availability
Your private pool Available
Local Lakes Closed until ed of June 2021

Booking Request

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