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Pro-D Day Program

Join us on one of our fun filled, educational Pro-D Day outdoor programs! Program activities include hiking, geocaching, navigation, orienteering, fire building, forest running games and survival skills. All of our programs are educationally focused, which means your children will not only have a great experience, but will learn something too!

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fire building lessons

Something active and outside!

Greater Victoria Area, BC

8-12 Mixed $60 $70
RETURN TRIP (when available) $20 + GST
09:15 16:15

Oct 19, 2018 Day Hike & Geocaching Mount Maunal Quimper


Where is Mount Quimper?

Our fall Pro-D Day Program includes a hike to Mount Manual Quimper. The program runs from 09:15 to 16:15 departing from and returning to the Harbourview Rd. Trailhead parking lot.

Transportation Add-On

Programs running in Sooke, BC (Camp Barnard & Mount Manual Quimper) have optional transportation available. All other programs do not.

Reynolds Park (Saanich) 08:05 17:30 Lasalle St off of Reynolds Rd in Saanich
Bayside Middle School (Central Saanich) 08:05 17:30 Bayside Middle School Parking Lot
Marigold Elementary (Saanich) 08:20 17:15 Grange Rd off of Burnside Rd.
West Hills (Langford) 08:50 16:55 Public Lot next to Westhills Stadium on Langford Pkwy

What to bring

Water bottle, backpack, lunch, sunscreen, hat, rain jacket, rain pants (optional), running shoes, hiking boots (optional but highly recommended), swimsuit, towel, clothes suitable for running in and a change of clothes. The program will run rain or shine!

Some of the skills your children may learn

• Leadership • Decision Making • Conflict Management • Group Management • Route Planning • Navigation • Camping Practices • Food packing • Cooking • Fire building • Knife and Stove Safety • Backcountry Equipment Maintenance


Western Educational Adventures takes safety seriously. Not only do we want our participants to have an exceptional time, but just as importantly, we want them to return home safe and sound. All of Western Educational Adventures staff are certified in high level first aid and have years of experience managing risk in the outdoors. You won’t find a more qualified staff team anywhere else!

"Landon took our family on a sea kayak paddle starting out of Victoria. This was our first time sea kayaking but we felt confident in Landon keeping our trip safe and enjoyable. In little time we were safely paddling and navigating the water. It was a great day!"

-Alex Damjanovic

Program Descriptions

Day Hike & Geocaching

This program is designed to compliment the "Outdoor Navigation Basics" program while also being a fun stand-alone programs. We will be hiking at a beautiful, local mountain with amazing views and wilderness. Your child will learn some basic group management skills as well as how to use a gps and geocache.

What is geocaching? Geocaching is a GPS treasure hunt for little boxes bottles or other containers with mystery contents hidden in wilderness areas throughought the world.

Fire-building & Forest Games

Your child will learn how to build fires using only materials found in the forest. After fire-building has been concluded the group will play fun outdoor nature games like deer ears, commandos, wave and more!

Shelter Building & Forest Games

Your child will learn how to build shelters using only materials found in the forest. The shelters will be tested to determine how waterproof they are so bring a change of clothes! After shelter building has been concluded the group will play fun outdoor nature games like deer ears, commandos, wave and more!

Outdoor Navigation Basics

Your child will learn how to read a map, use a compass, measure distance on foot and more. Navigation is practice through fun treasurehunt-style games! There is always a "Day Hike & Geocaching" program being offered the next day so your child can practice their new navigation skills


If you want to sign up, the process is simple. Here’s what you do:

Step 1: Create an account on our registration software

Fill in your email and create a password

Step 2: Create your profile

Input your information. This is a one time step, your info will be there for the rest of the summer!

Step 3: Sign-Up for the program

Input your child (or children's information), select the program(s) you wish to register for.

Step 4: Submit your registration and payment

Step 5: Let your child (or children) have fun and learn!

**All personal information provided will not be shared with third parties unless it is relevant to the participants well being or quality of experience**

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    Rainforest Ecology

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    The whys and knots of wilderness survival!

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