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Outdoor Private Swimming Lessons

Many Victoria BC locals swim in lakes and other waterways during the summer - so why are all the private swimming lessons in Victoria BC only run in community recreation centers and swimming pools? WEA's adult & kids swimming lessons run in various lakes throughout the Greater Victoria area, other Vancouver Island locations or in your own private pool. Most importantly, our private swimming lessons are tailored to fit into your schedule - you don't have to modify your day to fit in our swimming lessons! Looking for great swim lessons "near me"? WEA offers private, Red Cross swimming lessons for kids in Greater Victoria BC and the South Island for all ages and abilities.


private red cross childrens swimming lessons
Victoria BC private swimming lessons
Vancouver Island private swimming lessons

Private Victoria BC Swim lessons in the outdoors!

Vancouver Island & Victoria, BC


3 - 99 Mixed Any
1-2 Lessons $50 Tax Incl.
3-5 Lessons $40 Tax Incl.
5 or more Lessons $35 Tax Incl.

**Prices are listed for one child only. Additional children may be added for an additional $5 per child per half hour lesson. No more than 3 children per instructor/lesson. For more than 3 children, an additional instructor must be booked.**

Bookings taken year round

**Please note that we may require minimum bookings of 1 hour. Also, bookings outside of our 15km range of Saanich may be charged a transportation fee**

Lesson Availability

Option Availability
Your private pool Available
Local Lakes June 15 - Sept 10

Why Choose WEA?

  • • Small swim lesson group sizes
  • • Lower volume volume swim lesson provider that focuses on quality over quantity
  • • Sanctioned Red Cross swim lessons
  • • The best swim instructors available in Victoria
  • • Flexible schedule and locations
  • • Customized curriculums
  • • No hassle customer service
  • • Simple registration process
  • • Consistent swim instructor throughout your swim lesson set
  • • Instruction from beginner swim lessons to lifesaving courses
  • • Our swim lesson rates competitive to aquatic facilities

WEA's Swim Lesson Victoria Philosphy

In order to help kids improve their swimming ability in the long term, we beleive that kids must have fun, be warm, be physically fit, have plenty of time to practive and be provided specific feedback during their lessons. Over the years, we have noticed that many children fail the same swim level over and over again. While occasionally some kids just aren't athletic, 9 times out of 10, children are not being taught the right technique or are given ineffective correction. WEA has a different approach to swimming lessons on the South Island. First off, we don't worry too much about Red Cross levels. The goal instead, is to create well-rounded swimmers. We start by determining the swimmer's goals and then identifying the student's technical deficiencies. From there we give specific, effective drills that strongly encourage improvement. We then focus on swimming as much as possible during each lesson as this helps keep kids warm, gives them plenty of practice and most importantly, allows them to become strong swimmers. Being a strong, physically fit swimmer is so important and often overlooked by many swim instructors. Kids who are not fit often get tired part-way through the lesson and tired swimmers don't have the precise muscle control required swim well. If you are looking for great swimming lessons or are just tired of your child not passing the same level, give us a try, you will be thrilled with the result!

Where & When do we do swim lessons on Vancouver Island?

  • • Summer swim lessons in private swimming pools, public lakes & community pools
  • • Fall/winter/spring swimming lessons in your pool at home

WEA's Preffered Outdoor Swimming Lesson Lakes

Thetis Lake • Matheson Lake • Durrance Lake

We primarily offer outdoor swimming lessons in Metchosin, Saanich & Langford. However, if the lake you want is not listed, we may be able to accomodate your request. Keep in mind that some Lakes are ideal for running swimming lessons, while others are not. Matheson Lake in Sooke for example is a great lake to run lessons in all summer, wherease Elk Lake in Saanich almost always has some sort of health advisory in place.

Lesson Information Package


Vancouver Island Swim Lesson Booking Request

Read through our information package and ready to book? Please complete and submit the "Swim Lesson Booking Request" form below and we will get back to you within 1-5 business days.

**All personal information provided will not be shared with third parties unless it is relevant to the participants well being or quality of experience**