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Summer Camps

  • Victoria BC childrens day camp
  • victoria bc wilderness day camps
  • sooke kids fishing camp
  • childrens outdoor shelter building camp
  • victoria bc childrens archery lessons
  • youth wilderness day camps
  • childrens fire starting programs
  • childrens summer canoe programs
  • Youth back country camping Victoria
  • Victoria childrens archery programs
  • Sooke outdoor summer camps
  • Victoria BC childrens cooking programs
  • Victoria BC birthday party programs
  • Victoria BC youth hiking programs
  • Langford BC childrens camping programs

Summer Journeys

  • Youth hiking expedition
  • Youth hiking expedition
  • Youth hiking expedition beach cooking
  • Vancouver Island youth canoe program
  • Wilderness youth canoe trips
  • Sayward Circuit youth canoe trip
  • Victoria BC youth canoeing programs
  • Sayward Circuit youth canoe trips
  • ke-discovery-islands-youth-program.jpg
  • Victoria BC youth kayaking lessons
  • youth kayaking safety lessons
  • Victoria youth kayaking tours
  • Vancouver Island youth kayak camping adventures

Spring Break Camps

  • westcoast youth Spring Break camps
  • westcoast spring break archery camps
  • westcoast outdoor spring break camps
  • westcoast spring break camps
  • victoria youth hiking programs
  • victoria childrens spring break camps
  • west coast spring break camps
  • victoria youth spring break camps
  • victoria chidrens spring break programs
  • west coast spring break youth hikes
  • victoria youth wilderness skills camps
  • victoria spring break camp for kids
  • west coast kids spring break camps
  • west coast kids spring break camp
  • spring break camps on the west coast

School Year Programs

  • Victoria BC after school camps
  • Victoria BC youth outdoor programs
  • Victoria after school winter games
  • Victoria BC youth outdoor programs
  • Victoria BC youth day camps
  • Victoria BC Pro-D Day childrens camps
  • Victoria BC youth hiking program
  • Victoria BC Pro-D Day youth outdoor camps
  • Victoria Teen Leadership Programs
  • Summer Leadership Program Activities
  • Spring Sooke, BC Leadership Program Expeditions
  • Victoria Teen Leadership Club
  • Winter Leadership Program Expeditions
  • Teen Leadership Surfing Expeditions
  • Victoria Teen Leadership Progra

Winter Programs

  • Mount Cain custom ski program
  • Mt. Cain youth ski lessons
  • Mount Cain holiday ski camp
  • Mount Cain powder ski lessons
  • Victoria Christmas break ski program
  • Mount Cain youth ski programs
  • New Years youth ski camp
  • Mount Cain youth ski adventure
  • Mount Washington youth ski program
  • Mount Cain youth ski program
  • Victoria youth ski club
  • Youth day ski programs
  • Long Beach westcoast surfing program
  • Victoria youth surf weekend
  • surf camps for youth Victoria BC

Family Programs

  • Victoria custom birthday parties
  • Outdoor birthday parties for youth
  • youth birthday cooking programs
  • youth birthday nutrition programs
  • Victoria youth wilderness birthday parties
  • Victoria youth birthday swimming parties
  • Victoria youth birthday canoe parties
  • family canoe lessons
  • Forest games for families Victoria
  • Family canoeing skills program
  • Family archery programs Victoria
  • Wildernes games for the family
  • Family outdoor funcamps
  • Sayward Circuit Family canoe trip
  • Vancouver Island family canoe trips

General Adventures

  • victoria racoons
  • Sayward Canoe Circuit, Sayward BC
  • sockeye salmon run
  • Freedom Point, Quadra Island, BC
  • Orca Whales, Active Pass, BC
  • Flat Tops Island, BC
  • harbour seal pup
  • kayaking lessons
  • adult male grizzly
  • MacArthur Lake, Yoho National Park, BC
  • mule deer in the morning
  • Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, BC
  • western swallowtail butterfly
  • Odessa Lake Trail
  • Mount Baldy in the morning